Unbreakable Confidence Coaching Programme

  • Unbreakable Confidence 4 Month Coaching programme

This 4 month programme will help you build unbreakable and rock solid self confidence, which will assist you in getting closer to your dreams and living a bigger life.

As you grow and flourish and see yourself as more worthy and valuable, you move towards your highest potential, thus enabling you transform into the best and highest version of you.


  • – Get to the root cause of your fears, doubts and insecurities and clear out old attachments that dims your light.
  • – Break free from past events and traumas that led you to playing life safe.
  • – Achieve a positive self concept and high self esteem that will support you in being your most powerful and authentic self. 
  • – Feel empowered to make decisions fearlessly with unwavering confidence.
  • – Let go of the ego mind that keeps you trapped in a loop of playing small in your comfort zone.
  • – Take radical self responsibility of your inner self to create the external change you want to see in you.
  • – Build deep internal trust to make big bold moves in your life from your highest self.
  • – Set yourself free to be your truest self and embody her in freedom.
  • – Own the sovereign being, the Queen in you and command your rightful place of honour and respect in this world.
  • – Gain high levels of self worth and self value, levelling up and evolving as you strengthen your self confidence and self belief.
  • Consists of  15 Transformational Coaching Sessions (1 hour each)

You will receive bonus support and guidance via email and WhatsApp to make your transformational journey with me even more valuable. Self help tools and exercises will be provided after each session to access your personal power and uniqueness.

These bonus tools will also assist you in attaining self discovery, self mastery and a superb boost in your self confidence.

Be prepared to transform yourself and your life beyond your greatest expectations. Your confidence is your secret weapon to your success!

  • Once off Payment Price: R15997
  • Payment Plan available over 5 months
  • Monthly Instalment: R3699

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