The New Empowered You 3 Month Programme

This 3 month personal one-on-one coaching programme is for women who want to create positive change firstly in themselves and in all areas of their life.

This journey towards personal empowerment will help you to reprogramme your mindset towards the life and relationships that you ultimately want and deserve to have.

You will feel empowered to make wiser choices for your life, thus making decisions with greater freedom and certainty.

You will gain the personal power you require to stand up for yourself and communicate your truth.

You will be able to find your inner voice and freedom to express yourself authentically with courage, thus reclaiming your true personal identity and self worth!


  • – Get to the root cause of your issues and heal old wounds.
  • – Break free from past events and traumas.
  • – Attain a positive mindset and optimism over the future.
  • – Feel empowered to make wiser decisions to move forward.
  • – Let go of victim mentality and detach from the story of your life.
  • – Make positive changes in your life for your highest good.
  • – Set yourself free to move forward and create a positive new life with inner freedom and wholeness.
  • – Feel fully expressed to clear the air and set boundaries with honour and respect for self.

Consists of 10 x 60 minutes sessions within a 3 month period.

Bonus support and guidance via email and WhatsApp to make your journey with me nourishing. Self help tools and exercises will be provided for extra added empowerment and personal power to be in charge of your own life.


Once off Payment Price: R9997

Payment Plan available over 4 months 

Monthly Instalment: R2849

The New Empowered You Programme

The Positive Parenting Programme