Success Mindset & Business Mentorship

6 Month Mentorship Programme For Career Women

This 6 month programme is especially designed for ambitious career women. The first part of the programme will be directed at shifting your mindset towards abundance and growth mindset, so that you are open to receive new opportunities to achieve successful outcomes. 

During these sessions we will uncover your money stories and money blocks that prevent you from earning your desired income and prosperity.

You will also release negative and limiting beliefs about earning money and receiving the abundance and prosperity that is available to you within your business.

The second part of this programme consists of  Business Mentoring. These sessions include a variety of business strategies that will empower you to take your business or career to the next level. 

Moving your business online and growing your business using various advertising solutions will be the main focus of the marketing strategies taught to you to run a successful online or in person business, whether service/ product based. All the nuts and bolts of leveraging an online business will be covered in these sessions, including content creation and camera confident to get your message across in the most authentic way – whether you are starting off or established.

Benefits of this Programme to Career Women:

  • – You will ultimately achieve the financial success and income goals you desire.
  • – Achieve greater self belief and inner knowing that anything is possible.
  • – Become a go-getter and a goal achiever.
  • – Achieve the confidence to go out and seize the moment both online and through personal interaction.
  • – Clear out any self doubt and inner conflict, resulting in clarity in your decision making.
  • – Trust your gut and follow your intuition, using it as your inner compass in life and business. 
  • – Explore new and creative opportunities to achieve abundant successful outcomes.
  • – Achieve greater financial wealth doing what you love.
  • – Align your career path with your greatest passions and reap the rewards of a soulful abundant life.
  • – Live your purpose and passion authentically while achieving success and prosperity.
  • – Learn the art of adapting your business online to current and changing times, while still fulfilling your passion and purpose. 

This 6 month programme consist of ongoing support and my eyes on your business for guidance and insight on how you can grow and excel online, thus strengthening your brand and business visibility on the online world. Let’s create a strategy that works for you!

There are 20 sessions in total, which includes:

10 x 1 hour Success Mindset Coaching sessions

  • 10 x Business mentoring (sales & marketing) strategy sessions
  • Once off Payment Price: R18397
  • Payment Plan available over 6 months
  • Monthly Instalment: R3550

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