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We strive to empower and support women, from age 21 to 50 years, who come from various backgrounds and walks of life. We help women who are struggling with: depression, anxiety, low self esteem, lack of purpose and self confidence, as well as various personal issues and life challenges. We help women transform into the best version of themselves moving them from a state of victimhood or feeling stuck, to being more self empowered and confident to cultivate a positive mindset that attracts abundance, happiness, peace and success.

Personal Coaching

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Success Mindset


Emotional Freedom

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Holistic Healing


Personal Development Coaching

Personal Coaching motivates and inspires you to maintain a positive vision of your future. Knowing your destination in life makes your goals more achievable. It will assist you in gaining clarity about what you truly want out of life and how to go about getting it. Personal Coaching will phenomenally transform your mind, as it cuts through old paradigms and the internal barriers that prevents you from experiencing true joy. This will enable you to see new possibilities, create positive experiences and rewrite the story of your life.

Personal Coaching helps you gain clarity on your personal goals, personal identity, passion and purpose. You will gain a greater understanding of yourself and what sparks joy within you, providing you with insight and direction in your life. This also gives your mind a clear picture to work towards, therefore creating and executing your plan to action becomes effortless.

Personal coaching is perfect for women who are looking for someone to talk to and confide in that they trust. If you desire to achieve positive changes within yourself and in your life, it is important to feel safe to allow someone into your private world. Personal Coaching gives you peace of mind, knowing that everything you disclose will stay confidential. 

If you are tired of attracting the same old patterns and negative experiences into your life, then Personal Coaching is for you. Personal Coaching is a great way for you to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you see yourself in the future. You will gain greater self awareness and positivity that will magically expand in to all areas of your life. Staying hopeful and optimistic in the face of adversity is one of its greatest benefits.

- Get to the root cause of your issues and heal old wounds.

  • - Break free from past events and traumas.
  • - Attain a positive mindset and optimism over the future.
  • - Feel empowered to make wiser decisions to move forward.
  • - Let go of victim mentality and detach from the story of your life.
  • - Make positive changes in your life for your highest good.
  • - Set yourself free to move forward and create a positive new life.


The New Empowered You
3 month Programme


Tranformational Coaching

Transformation Coaching promotes inner transformation and positive change in your life. This is a process of learning who you are, growing into that new identity and embodying who you choose to be. The path of ‘transformation’ is a ‘becoming’ process where you are supported to dive beneath the surface and immerse yourself in self exploration and self discovery. This type of coaching changes the way you see yourself. It focuses on enabling self actualisation and the embodiment of BEING who you are truly meant to BE, as the true authentic expression of you. 

Transformation Coaching teaches you to shed off the old limiting beliefs and paradigms of who you thought you were and finding the true essence of who you really are. Finding your purpose and place in this world is like a caterpillar who sheds off the old skin to transform into a beautiful butterfly. Inner transformation takes place when you shed off all of what no longer serves you. Thus a truly powerful version of you emerges. You are free to use your inner wings and free to fly and reach your highest visions and dreams. You will gain the inner strength and courage to grow and flourish your true potential and soar higher each day. 

Transformation Coaching goes beyond just SMART goals and ACTION plans. It creates radical transformation within yourself, which massively impacts the rest of your life. You are able to show up more authentically in your life, turning your dreams into a reality with greater conviction. You gain new tools on how to see your goals through and bring them to completion effortlessly. 

The techniques and coaching tools used are cutting edge and the transformational outcomes are rapidly seen within a short time period. You are able to transcend fear, self doubt and self limiting beliefs that hold you back in life. Thus helping you step out of your comfort zone, gaining clarity, trust and self belief.

Transformation Coaching discovers your greatness and the true unique master piece that you are, as you build unconditional self love, self confidence and a positive self esteem. Once a woman has gain unbreakable self confidence and self love, she has the SUPER POWER to be unstoppable in conquering challenges in her life and fulfilling her greatest ambitions.

  • - Get to the root cause of your fears, doubts and insecurities and clear out old attachments that dims your light.
  • - Break free from past events and traumas that led you to playing life safe.
  • - Achieve a positive self concept and high self esteem that will support you in being your most powerful and authentic self. 
  • - Feel empowered to make decisions fearlessly with unwavering confidence.
  • - Let go of the ego mind that keeps you trapped in a loop of playing small in your comfort zone.
  • - Take radical self responsibility of your inner self to create the external change you want to see in you.
  • - Build deep internal trust to make big bold moves in your life from your highest self.
  • - Set yourself free to be your truest self and embody her in freedom.
  • - Own the sovereign being, the Queen in you and command your rightful place of honour and respect in this world.
  • - Gain high levels of self worth and self value, levelling up and evolving as you strengthen your self confidence and self belief.

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Unbreakable Confidence
4 month Coaching Programme


Success Mindset Coaching

Success Mindset Coaching is a process of realigning you with your successful outcomes, whether it be in business, career opportunities or living your purpose abundantly. Mindset work is essential for every ambitious women as the old negative programs we operate from can often disempower us and lead us into scarcity and lack.

Success is in the mind and so is fear of failure. Once you eradicate the fears and limiting beliefs driving the self sabotaging habits; such as procrastination, inactivity, time wasters and distractions – you will be in a better position to achieve the wealth and abundance that you desire.

Success Mindset Coaching works on the silent saboteurs and the underlying issues that subconsciously block you from receiving your abundance. Abundance can be in the form of financial wealth or refining an innate skill and unleashing your creative genius, which brings you closer to living your purpose. Your purpose and abundance are linked. Being able to express and fully embody your purpose takes courage and fearlessness. Success mindset coaching helps you to become a GO-GETTER, GOAL ACHIEVING QUEEN!

It will also help you cultivate and maintain a growth mindset that will become a magnet to attract the abundance and financial wealth that you desire and deserve. You will get to change your money stories you inherited from your parents and through the past generation’s consciousness. Achieving your income goals will become effortless once you shift your relationship with money and the beliefs around possessing it. This will result in creating more opportunities to earn money, opening up the channels to manifests more abundance.

Success Mindset Coaching will help you to align your career path with your greatest passions and reap the rewards of a soulful abundant life, thus living your purpose with prosperity.

  • - Achieve greater self belief and inner knowing that anything is possible.
  • - Become a go-getter and a goal achiever.
  • - Achieve the confidence to go out and seize the moment.
  • - Clears out self doubts and inner conflicts, resulting in clarity in your decision making.
  • - Trust your gut and follow your intuition, using it as your inner compass in life and business. 
  • - Explore new and creative opportunities to achieve abundant successful outcomes.
  • - Achieve greater financial wealth doing what you love.
  • Align your career path with your greatest passions and reap the rewards of a soulful abundant life.

  • - Live your purpose and passion authentically while achieving success and prosperity.

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Success Mindset &
Business Mentorship
6 month Programme


'The Journey' for Physical, Mental & Emotional Healing

The Journey is an alternate healing modality which promotes emotional freedom and mental well-being. This healing method allows the body to facilitate healing and release at a deep cellular level, dealing with past trauma and depression, resulting in inner transformation and emotional well-being.

The Journey method of healing is a self help tool pioneered by Brandon Bays, but is practiced across religions and culture. This is a ‘Journey’ into your past using your mind and body. It is a therapeutic process, a closed eye visualisation, which assists one to gain access to stored or repressed memories of painful past experiences. These cell memories drive our behaviour, actions, and belief systems that are often played out unconsciously.

The Journey process is facilitated by accessing the repressed memories, emptying out and expressing the stored pain, thereby allowing forgiveness to take place. This then enables the body to go about the process of healing naturally thus resulting in inner freedom, peace and calmness.

The Journey has been proven to be highly effective, and rapidly gets to the root cause of depression, trauma, anxiety, phobias and bereavement. It is an excellent and safe way to maintain mental health and emotional well-being holistically, without the use of harmful drugs or invasive treatments.

  • - Attain inner peace and emotional well- being.
  • - Find your inner, joy happiness and fulfillment.
  • - Liberate yourself from the past and be free to be the authentic you.
  • - Achieve happier and healthier relationships.
  • - Gain self awareness and mindfulness.
  • - It transforms you into a new positive you, thus having a ripple effect on those around you because your healing also impacts on your loved ones.

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Complete Healing & Transformation Journey
3 Month Programme


Holistic Healing - Energy Healing for the mind, body and soul

Holistic healing modalities focuses on breath and body awareness techniques, which combines natural and modern methods of healing.

‘Aafiyah Healing’ consists of energy and emotional healing. Using new age healing tools, you will gain access to “body intelligence” which is the body’s built-in program to heal itself thus promoting good health. Aafiyah healing provides rapid relief from pain and inflammation and can be used alongside other treatments to speed up the healing process.

This type of healing modality is suited to women with all ailments. You can benefit greatly from balancing your mind and body in a healing session. People who don’t particularly like expressing emotions or speaking about their issues will enjoy this type of healing therapy because it is one of the more passive types of healing yet still receives quick and rapid results.

The Healing sessions consists of Meditations, guided visualisations and crystals therapy that are used alongside the Energy Healing to promote inner calmness and deep relaxation. 

  • - Maintain good health and holistic well being.
  • - Attain peace and tranquillity through mindfulness.
  • - Maintain balance and harmony easily in everyday life.
  • - Connect deeply with yourself and gain access to your body's natural ability to heal its self naturally.
  • - Grounding your energy, with crystal therapy and energy balancing tools used in the sessions, will allow you to feel a deep sense of safety and security.
  • - Achieve calmness and greater peace of mind.
  • - Experience relaxation at deeper levels and improved quality of sleep.

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Energy & Crystal
Therapeutic Healing
2 month Programme


Other Shorter Programmes Also Available To Women


  • Live Your Purpose Journey Package Programme

During this 6 session package programme you will find your true path in life which would lead you to your ultimate success and happiness.  Embark on this journey to find your soul self, innate gifts and true life’s purpose. Light up your life with purpose and passion, as you step into your power center and take up your space in the world to leave your mark.

  • 3 x 90 minutes Deep Transformational Journey sessions
  • 3 x 1 hour Success Mindset Coaching sessions

Price: R6949

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Achieve inner Freedom Journey 3 week Programme

This 3 week Journey programme provides you with freedom and release on a deep cellular level. Set yourself free to be who you are in essence and not who you are expected to be. One will feel liberated and reborn into their true authentic self.

  • 3 x 90 minutes sessions
  • All Journey sessions

Price: R4150

This price only applies if you have done an Initial Journey session before booking for this programme.  

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Positive New You  4 Session Package Programme

This 4 sessions Coaching Programme is perfect for someone looking for a fresh positive start and outlook on life. Designed to connect you to your inner joy and happiness. Cultivate the positive mindset you always wanted and feel more optimistic about your life.

  • 4 x 60 minutes Personal coaching sessions

Price: R3599

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Re-energizing Healing Programme

A 6 week nourishing programme of energy and emotional healing. Recharging your inner battery creates balance and harmony - which helps you to feel grounded and centered in your life. Let go of past emotional baggage and energetic blocks and feel light and free as you restore your energetic being and rejuvenate your soul. Heal yourself holistically; mind, body and soul and feel empowered to start a brand new life in freedom, ease and lightness.

  • 6 x 60 minutes Energy and Emotional healing sessions

  • Price: R5250

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  • Personal Breakthrough programme

An 8 week Coaching programme of breaking through old paradigms and negative  patterns in the story of your life.

  • A bouquet of NLP master skills and personal coaching, allowing people to cut through victim hood and the story of their life and extract the lessons, leaving them empowered to make new decisions and take on the world. It rapidly transforms your thinking and gets straight to the significant emotional events and common themes in your life that creates pain and suffering. Finally freeing you from the hook of your victim hood story. Now you will gain the tools to create a whole new positive story!
  • 8 x 1 hour coaching sessions

Price: R7499

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Individual Pricing

Individual Pricing

This is a personal one-on-one consult which will include a discussion of your history and your first coaching, therapy or healing session.

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This is a personal one-on-one Journey Session after a package programme has been completed. This is strictly for follow ups or maintenance sessions.

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This is for personal coaching one-on-one follow up sessions done after a package programme..

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This is a one-on-one healing session done as follow up sessions after a full healing package is completed.

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