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Complete Healing & Transformation Journey Programme

A Complete Healing & Transformational Journey Experience 

This 3 month programme is designed to take you on a transformational journey of deep healing and emotional mastery.

You will get an opportunity to heal painful traumas and memories that have been holding you back. Thus letting go of past emotional baggage, self limiting beliefs, vows and negative ancestral attachments, that may be blocking your path to happiness and success.

Experience what it feels like to be reborn, freed and enlightened to a whole new way of being. Thus transforming yourself into the most wholesome, healed and complete version of you.

You will receive inner transformation and release on a deep cellular level, resulting in mental and emotional well-being.

This is an opportunity to heal and transform yourself completely and holistically from the inside out; rewiring your mind, uplifting your body and renewing your soul, feeling liberated to begin a brand new life in freedom and joy.


  •  – Attain inner peace and emotional well- being.
  • – Find your inner joy, happiness and fulfilment.
  • – Liberate yourself from the past and be free to be the authentic you.
  • – Achieve happier and healthier relationships.
  • – Gain self awareness and mindfulness.
  • – It transforms you into a new positive you, thus having a ripple effect on those around you because your healing and transformation also impacts on your loved ones.

This Programme consists of a package of 8 sessions in total:

  • 4 x Journey sessions, 90-120 minutes each
  • 4 x NLP & Life Coaching sessions, 60 minutes each

Full support and guidance will be provided after each session and audio visualisations to rewire your mind and body.

Price: R11999

Payment Plan available over 4 months

Monthly Instalment: R3449 


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