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Services For Kids 6 - 12 Years

We assist children, from Grade one upwards, who are struggling with emotional issues like; depression, traumas, anxiety, fears and phobias. We assist children from divorced backgrounds and those who experience family adjustment issues. We also help kids deal with negative behavioural patterns; anger tantrums, social anxiety, bullying and lack of self expression. We help children unlock their true academic potential, thus overcoming learning barriers such as; poor concentration and memory retention etc. We empower children to gain self confidence, realise their true potential and become the best version of themselves in all areas of their life – personal, social and academic.

Brain Gym


Kids Coaching


The Journey for kids


Brain Gym & Educational Kinesiology

Brain gym and Educational Kinesiology both work together to assist in restoring the natural neurological pathways in the brain and body to enhance new learning. 

Brain Gym consists of 26 sensory movements that recall the movements children naturally do during their first years of life, as they learn to coordinate their eyes, ears, hands and whole body. 

These structured movements integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain, thereby shifting one out of stress into a calm state of mind. This allows the mind and body to attain balance, maintaining peace and harmony. We perform at our best and achieve greater excellence in all areas of our life when we are stress-free. Children can achieve their optimal potential at school with whole brain learning.

Educational Kinesiology works on a child’s brain and body holistically and is used to unlock their potential. This is done by formulating goals and finding out what is internally blocking them from reaching their academic goals and optimal potential. Specialised techniques are used during a session to diffuse these blocks. This creates a bridge for new learning and a positive change in mindset.

Educational Assessments & Brain profiling can assist one in uncovering any barriers to their learning and help overcome academic challenges, such as poor concentration, low memory retention, ADD and ADHD.

The unique Brain Profiling method and Brain Gym Coaching activities provided, rewire the brain to use both hemispheres simultaneously. Therefore overcoming learning blocks in a healthy way without the use of mood altering medications and harmful drugs.

  • - Improved memory retention and increased levels of focus and concentration.
  • - Achieve new levels of excellence in academics and sport.
  • - Attain neater work presentation, improved handwriting and spelling.
  • - Improved reading skills, phonetics and clear communication.
  • - Overcome negative behavioural patterns; stress and anxiety.
  • - Better visual and auditory processing.
  • - Improved listening and comprehension skills.

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Complete Brain Gym
Kids Programme


Kids Coaching

Kids Coaching assists children with personal or social challenges. It works on very specific issues that serve as a block to your child achieving their highest goals in life as a whole. It addresses issues such as bullying, making friends, lack of assertiveness, anger tantrums and negative social behaviours, like rudeness, lying, cheating or stealing. 

Kids Coaching also works tactfully to create inner harmony. It helps children find peace and closure with issues that are out of their control; such as a death in the family, losing a friendship or parents going through a divorce. Many children from broken homes feel torn and insecure. Kids Coaching provides them with a safe space to express their feelings freely.

Children with behavioural issues often act out, through seeking negative attention. Kids Coaching gets to the bottom of what is driving that bad behaviour. It enables your child to gain awareness on the drivers to their behaviours, so that we can change it through positive reinforcement.

Kids Coaching amazingly builds self confidence and creates a positive self esteem in your child. He/she will gain the tools to become a well rounded child with increased levels of positivity and resilience to overcome life’s challenges.

Kids Coaching consists of a variety of life skills coaching techniques and is adapted to suit the age and maturity level of your child. Developing emotional intelligence and building a healthy self esteem and self confidence are important qualities to foster in a child at a young age, in order for them to reach their optimal potential in life. 

  • - Your child will transform into a positive child with high self esteem and self confidence.
  • - Your child will achieve better social skills and learn new positive behaviours.
  • - Gain emotional intelligence and self awareness.
  • - Overcome adjustment issues and family instability.
  • - Your child will achieve inner security and resilience.

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Liberate your Potential
& Confidence Coaching Programme


The Journey for kids

The Journey for Kids is an excellent tool for children because it restores their equilibrium and liberates their shining potential. It helps them work through their emotional issues like; early childhood traumas, abuse, depression, anxiety and phobias.

The Journey techniques facilitates a mechanism to empty out the unconscious emotional blocks and creates a path to healing the mental and emotional state naturally.

The Journey is a therapeutic process using closed or open eye visualisations, which assists one to gain access to stored or repressed memories of painful past experiences. These cell memories drive our behaviour, actions, and belief systems that are often played out unconsciously.

The Journey process is facilitated by accessing the repressed memories, emptying out and expressing the stored pain, thereby allowing forgiveness to take place. This then enables the body to go about the process of healing naturally thus resulting in emotional release, inner freedom, peace and calmness.

The Journey is a wonderful and theraputic method for children to fully express their deepest feelings because they enjoy the carefree and playful aspect of the process. 

Since the Journey for kids is adapted with ‘play’ (toys, props, fun games and role plays), your child will be free to be their authentic selves. Most of the time they think that they are on a play date because they have so much fun. The sessions are adapted to suit your child’s age and ability appropriately. The benefits of the Journey sessions can be seen almost immediately because this technique works very rapidly – from the inside out. 

  • - Your child will attain inner peace and mental well-being.
  • - They will achieve emotional freedom and freedom to express their authentic selves.
  • - Your child will heal past traumas and let go of its negative impact in their life.
  • - Allows your child an opportunity to experience true happiness and joy.
  • - Liberates your child's true shining potential.
  • - Creates a new slate for them to keep moving forward- to heal, grow, thrive and shine bright!

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Healing Trauma & Emotional Stress
Package Programme


All The Programmes Available For Kids 6 - 12 Years

Complete Brain Gym Kids Programme

This 4 week programme helps your child understand how their brain learns and thinks. Therefore the barriers to learning can be identified and diffused during the sessions. Your child will achieve greater academic potential and rewiring of their brain for whole brain learning for successful results.

  • 1 Initial Assessment & Feedback Report: 1 hour session
  • 3 x 45 minutes Brain Gym Coaching sessions
  • Exercises will be provided as homework after each session of this package. Guidance will be provided to the parent as well to ensure that it is done correctly at home.
  • Price: R2899

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Liberate Your Potential Programme

This is a 6 week Kids Coaching programme. Children dealing with anxiety or depression will benefit greatly from this programme. Your child will experience mental well-being and emotional freedom by unblocking their negative emotions. They will get to the root cause of fears/phobias and the underlying issues that are holding them back. Thus setting your child free to liberate and flourish their true potential.

6 x 60 minutes Kids Coaching sessions

Homework tasks will be provided after each session of this package.

  • Price: R3999

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Healing Trauma Package Programme

This 6 week programme allows children to release traumas and negative childhood memories; loss of a loved one, witness of violence, parents have gone through a divorce or they were a victim of abuse of some kind. Free your child from the baggage of an unhappy past and create a new slate in which they can grow, heal, move forward and thrive!

  • 4 x 60 minutes Journey sessions
  • 2 x 45 minutes kids coaching sessions

Homework tasks will be provided after each session of this package.

  • Price: R3899

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Individual Pricing For Children

Individual Pricing

This is a 1 hour session, where a full Brain Gym assessment will be done and an in-depth assessment report will be provided..

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This is a 60 minutes follow up session for either a kids brain gym coaching or kids journey session. This session includes homework and is suitable for kids who have completed one of the programme packages.

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This is a 60 minutes coaching session, which also include guidance to parent post session and advise on a package programme to move forward.

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This is a 45 minutes maintenance kids coaching session, for kids who have completed one of the above packages.

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