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An Nur The Light 12 - Eps 23

Farah Manjoo and her services were featured on SABC 3, on a Lifestyle program, An Nur the Light in 2018.

Lets Talk S04 Ep35

Farah was interviewed on Let's Talk, ITV Networks where she discussed emotional empowerment for children.

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Kids Empowerment and Overcoming Learning Barriers

In the Spotlight interview with Dr Jeewa- Farah's childhood story

Couples Goals and working on improving your relationship

Letting Go of Unhealthy Attachments with people and material things

Dealing with Difficult People and Conflict Situations

Depression and Anxiety and its manifestations in our every day lives

Secrets on How To Balance Your Family Life while Pursuing a Career

Overcoming Teenage Exam Stress and helping your teen reach their potential

Dealing with Toxic People and people pleasing tendencies