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We offer a variety of coaching services specifically suited to the needs of teenagers. Transitioning into young adulthood is one of the most difficult period in ones life. We assist teenagers to overcome challenges such as low self esteem, peer pressure and dealing with a roller coaster of emotions and hormones. We also help them build more self confidence and find clarity and direction to reach their personal and academic potential.

Brain Gym Coaching


Teens Coaching

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Brain Gym Coaching

Brain gym Coaching and Educational Kinesiology both work together to assist in restoring the natural neurological pathways in the brain and body to enhance new learning. 

Brain Gym consists of 26 sensory movements that recall the movements children naturally do during their first years of life, as they learn to coordinate their eyes, ears, hands and whole body. 

These structured movements integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain, thereby shifting one out of stress into a calm state of mind. This allows the mind and body to attain balance, maintaining peace and harmony. We perform at our best and achieve greater excellence in all areas of our life when we are stress-free. Teenagers can achieve their optimal potential at school with whole brain learning.

Educational Kinesiology works on ones brain and body holistically and is used to unlock their potential. This is done by formulating goals and finding out what is internally blocking them from reaching their academic goals and optimal potential. Specialised coaching techniques are used during a session to diffuse these blocks. This creates a bridge for new learning and a positive change in mindset.

Educational Assessments & Brain profiling can assist one in uncovering any barriers to their learning and help overcome academic challenges, such as poor concentration, low memory retention, ADD and ADHD. This unique Brain Profiling method and Brain Gym activities rewire the brain to use both hemispheres simultaneously, thus overcoming learning blocks in a healthy way without the use of mood altering medications and harmful drugs.

  • - Improved memory retention and increased levels of focus and concentration.
  • - Achieve new levels of excellence in academics and sport.
  • - Attain neater work presentation, improved handwriting and spelling.
  • - Improved reading skills, phonetics and clear communication.
  • - Overcome negative behavioural patterns; stress and anxiety.
  • - Better visual and auditory processing.
  • - Improved listening and comprehension skills.

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Complete Brain Gym
Teens Programme


Teens Coaching

Teens Coaching is a modern tool of communication and a means of getting through to stubborn and rebellious teenagers. When you have tried every trick in the book and are stilling failing in your communication with your teenager, then Teens Coaching is perfect to guide and redirect them positively.

Raising a teenager is a challenging task because they are in a transition phase in their life, where they crave freedom and autonomy. Expressing their true feelings to their parents is not always an option for most teenagers. They rather keep all their emotions bottled up inside which often leaves them feeling emotionally overwhelmed and stuck in a negative mindset.

Teens Coaching gives them the opportunity to express their pent up emotions and free their mind of negativity. Thus reprogramming their mindset to communicate positively with themselves and others. We address issues such as peer pressure, bullying and other social challenges they experience with friends and family. 

Teens Coaching also gives them the opportunity to bridge the gap from where they are now to where they would like to be in the future. They will learn the art of goal setting and working towards their goals daily, thus achieving their successful outcomes.

Teens Coaching helps one develop on a personal level, thus achieving a positive self image and personal identity. They will learn to grow positive self esteem and build their self confidence. 

The transformation that your teenager will gain from Teens Coaching is life changing. They will transform into the best version of themselves and gain the intrinsic motivation and resilience to work towards their bright future with consistency.

Teens Coaching consists of various types of NLP and Life Coaching Skills that will enable your teenager to communicate positively and make wiser decisions in all areas of their life.

  • - Your teenager will develop a positive attitude to life.
  • - They will become more resilient to life's challenges.
  • - They will be able to find effective and productive solutions to their problems.
  • - They will attain greater clarity towards which decisions to make and the direction that they need to go in.
  • - They will transform into the best version of themselves and reach their true potential.
  • - They will manage their emotions more effectively and attain mental and emotional well-being.
  • - A brand new confident and positive teenager will emerge.

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Transformational Teens Programme


All The Programmes Available For Teens 13 - 19 Years

Transformational Teens Programme

This 6 week programme will rapidly transform their life. Your teen will manage their emotions more effectively and boost their self confidence and achieve a higher self esteem. Negative patterns and behaviours will also be addressed in the sessions – thus creating a positive attitude and greater self discipline and focus within your teenager!

6 x 60 minutes coaching sessions

  • 6 x Teens Coaching session

Price: R4250

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Complete Brain Gym Teens Programme

This 4 week programme helps you understand how your brain learns and thinks, and the barriers to learning can be diffused during the sessions. Your child will achieve greater academic potential and rewiring of their brain for whole brain learning.

  • 1 Initial Assessment & Feedback Report: 75 minutes session
  • 3 x 1 hour Brain Gym Coaching sessions

Price: R3299

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Emotional Intelligence For Teens Programme

This 4 week programme allows one to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Emotional childhood traumas, loss of a loved one or abuse of any kind will be addressed. During these sessions we will also get to the root cause of depression and anxiety, phobias, emotional bullying or other emotional blocks.

  • 4 - weekly sessions (60 minutes each)
  • 3 x Journey sessions
  • 1 x Teens Coaching session

Price: R2999

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Individual Pricing For Teens

Individual Pricing

This is a 75 minutes session which consists of a full Brain Gym Assessment and Detailed Report and Feedback

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This session is a 75 minutes follow up coaching or journey session which will include a homework task for the teenager to complete.

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This is a 75 minutes coaching or journey session which includes guidance to parent on what package programme their teen needs to move forward.

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This is a 60 minutes follow up session that your teen can book for as a maintenance Brain Gym/ Teens coaching session after completing the full Brain Gym or Teens package programme.

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