Master Your Emotions programme

Master Your Emotions.. Self Mastery 2 month Programme

Learn how to master your emotional state and become the driver of your own life and destiny, thus acquiring greater emotional intelligence and happier relationships with your family members. An emotionally stable mother is always pleasant to be around and the rewards are endless.  

  • – Learn the art of shifting negative emotions within a few minutes.
  • – Feel in control and empowered to deal with life’s challenges. 
  • – Gain a greater sense of self awareness and self control.
  • – Nip fear, anxiety and depression in the bud.
  • – Find your inner calm using self healing tools and emotional release techniques.
  • You receive 2 month personal support and guidance on emotional tools provided.
  • Consists of 6 Sessions in total:
  • 3 x 90 minutes Journey session
  • 3  x 60 minutes Personal Coaching sessions


The Positive Parenting Programme