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Career Mums programme

A 3-Month Programme for Career Mums with a Purpose

Gaining self empowerment and purposeful living is the answer to leading a successful and balanced life.  You can have a thriving career and a calm and fulfilling family life of your dreams – without having to compromise the other. 

  • This is an empowering 3 month one-on-one Programme for ‘Working Mothers’ who wish to create a balance between their family life and their purposeful careers.
  •  It is specifically designed for career mums who want to achieve a healthy work-life balance that nourishes their soul.
  •  It will help move you from self sacrificing and feeling overwhelmed to gaining self empowerment and purposeful living.
  •  Receive guidance on how to attain a successful career and a calm and fulfilling family life of your dreams – without having to compromise the other.
  •  A personal tailor made step by step process to suit your unique home life and career outcomes.
  •  – Discover and fulfil your true life’s purpose and live in alignment with your soul’s mission/calling.
  • – Stretch your mind and unlock your true potential and innate gifts.
  • – Family receives the calm and happy energy and the ripple effects are like magic for the household.
  • – Show up more authentically, standing in your power with ease.
  • – Have the best of both lives; a successful career and a happy family life.

The Programme consist of 10 sessions in total:

5 x 60 minutes Personal & Success Mindset Coaching 

5 x 90 minutes Journey & Holistic Healing Sessions 

Mental Exercises will be provided weekly to further empower yourself through self discovery and self mastery to create the ultimate balance.

Price: R11999

The Positive Parenting Programme

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