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Healing Trauma Programme

Healing Trauma and Emotional Stress Programme

This is a 6 week Journey programme. Children dealing with anxiety or depression will benefit greatly from this package programme. Your child will experience mental well-being and emotional freedom by unblocking their negative emotions. They will get to the root cause of fears/phobias and the underlying issues that are holding them back. 

The Journey sessions will allow your children to release traumas and negative childhood memories; loss of a loved one, witness of violence, parents have gone through a divorce or they were a victim of abuse of some kind. Free your child from the baggage of an unhappy past and create a new slate in which they can grow, heal, move forward and thrive with happiness and joy!

Total of 6 sessions (weekly or bi-weekly)

  • 4 x 60 minutes Journey sessions
  • 2 x 45 minutes kids coaching sessions

Homework tasks will be provided after each session of this package.

  • Price: R3899

The Positive Parenting Programme

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