Healing Trauma Programme

Healing Trauma and Emotional Stress Programme

This is a 6 week holistic programme that will be tailored to suit your child’s personal needs.

Children dealing with anxiety or depression will benefit greatly from this package programme. Your child will experience mental well-being and emotional freedom by unblocking their negative experiences and emotions. They will get to the root cause of fears/phobias/ depression/ emotional overwhelm and the underlying issues that are holding them back. 

The Journey sessions will provide your child with a safe space to release traumas and negative childhood memories; loss of a loved one, witness of violence, parents have gone through a divorce or they were a victim of abuse of some kind.

The Kids Coaching sessions will empower your child with skills and tools to cope better under challenging situations and help them manage their emotions and stress in healthier and positive ways.

Free your child from the baggage of an unhappy past and create a new slate in which they can heal, grow and access their personal potential, thus allowing them to move forward to thrive with happiness and joy!

Total of 6 sessions (weekly or bi-weekly)

  • 4 x 45-60 minutes Journey sessions
  • 2 x 45 minutes kids coaching sessions

Homework tasks will be provided after each session of this package.

  • Price: R3899
  • Normal price: R4200




The Positive Parenting Programme