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Manifesting Your Magic Through De-cluttering


Clearing your external living spaces actually create an opening and clearing in your mind and internal state of being.

Have you felt a bit disorientated and mentally confused or maybe lacking focus on what to do next?  By simply de-cluttering areas of your home, office and personal belongings it can make a world of difference.

How to start with this de-cluttering exercise?

De-clutter and organise one drawer at a time and start small, then move on to the more challenging spaces of your home. By clearing out your physical spaces and putting things in an orderly and neat fashion, you will feel more organised and disciplined in your life.

When clearing out your belonging, have a box for charity, for re-sale and for refurbishing or cleaning up. Keep only those things that you love and will make use of. If you haven’t used something in over a year, then the chances are you won’t ever. When letting go of sentimental items you feel two minded about, ask yourself: Do I love it, do I need it and is it really useful to me?

When we let go of the clutter taking up space in our lives, we are subconsciously letting go of the past. When we hold onto old items and can’t part with them, we are unknowingly holding onto the past; in the form of our old identities, our old personalities and memories that no longer serve us at present.

Clutter also blocks us from receiving new opportunities, money and greater prosperity. The more space we make in our homes and give away and donate to charity, the more blessings, financial wealth and fulfilment we will receive.


If you have any resistance come up as you are de-cluttering, then bare this in mind:

  • – Is the clutter giving you a false sense of wealth?
  • – Why are you choosing to hoard this?
  • – Is it really sentimental to you or are you stuck in scarcity?
  • – Who can benefit from you letting it go?

What does your physical environment say about you?

Clutter is stuck energy and it serves as a block in your life. If you really struggle to clear your space, on some deep level you may still need to address some emotional clutter that has weighed you down. Creating more space through de-cluttering is a practice that you can do on a regular basis.  


When clearing out my clutter whether it be in my home or office, I set an intention to create more space for new and upgraded things to enter my life. As I let go of my old things, with deep gratitude in my heart, I thank the place it served in my life. I also remind myself, when I am sorting out things to donate, that all of those things were linked to the old version of me and I invite an abundant up-levelled version of myself.

Then I energetically cleanse my home or my office space with incense/ lobaan/ bakhoor smoke and I make a new intention to let go of all the negativity of the old energy I am clearing out. I invite blessings and gratitude to enter into my space and I call in pure energy of peace, love, joy and abundance.

Try out this sacred de-cluttering process for yourself and watch how things magically transform in your life from the inside out.

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