Baraaqa Coaching & Empowerment


Farah would love to make a difference in your life as well as the lives of your children, through accessing their optimal potential in their academic, social and personal life. She has a special connection with teenagers. They feel safe and comfortable to confide in her and she takes great pleasure in watching them transform into beautiful butterflies with confidence.

Empowering children and teenagers has been the greatest gift to Farah because they bring out the essence of joy in her and her gentle and kind demeanour always wins them over. She also loves working with both parent and child and has achieved outstanding results working this way. Because she is a parent herself and knows firsthand the challenges that parents face, she is able to offer advice on parenting skills from her skill set and own personal experience of parenting three children.

Farah has been through many hardships and setbacks in her own life.  Her journey to finding herself was never a smooth one. She grew up without a father as a child, went through a painful divorce in her 20’s and was a single mother to her daughter. She fully understands the challenges that people face and has deep empathy for those who pick up the pieces and have a desire to move forward and find happiness, peace and love again.

Farah is now happily married to her soul mate and best friend, since 2010. Her greatest achievement apart from academics has been to maintain a healthy and fulfilling marital relationship. Because of her experience in relationships and having tried everything to make a marriage work, Farah has a special interest in women empowerment and helping mothers find a healthy balance in their family and professional life.

“I had realised that through my own journey in life, I was meant to discover my true self worth and empower others to do so too. And so my path as an Empowerment Coach began unfolding before my eyes, which led to the advent of my own practice – Baraaqa Coaching & Empowerment.

I dedicate my life purpose and mission to my daughter, Masiha who inspired me to embark on my own healing journey into freedom, thus being able to give back to humanity.” says Farah