A Women's Superpower Is Love


Through the decades, women were conditioned to be self sacrificing beings; they were made to give up their own needs for the sake of others, to please and serve their families and endure suffering with patience. If a woman was to complain of her unhappiness to her family in the old days, she would be made to bear it, and try even harder to people please for the sake of peace and not disgracing her family. She had to pretend that she is happy, by masking her pain with a smile. A woman nurtures her family so selflessly and gives all of her unconditional love without expectations. She sometimes forgets to love and value herself in the process but keeps on giving from her unlimited source of LOVE. Things have changed phenomenally, since the 20th century because women are more in tuned with their feelings and have decided that their happiness matters too. They have become more assertive and modern in their approach to life. The role of a mother, wife and someone’s daughter in law is not the only role they play. They are worth much more than that, as they actually play a far more vital role in making a difference to their communities and country as a whole. As more females are being educated, they are growing up to be more savvy and empowered women. They no longer put up with abuse and dictatorship from their families of any kind. They know their worth and have greater self respect and self confidence than previous generations did. Gone are the days where a woman’s place was in the kitchen, behind the pots all day, feeding and serving and made to be the family’s slave. These old belief systems are no longer relevant in today’s times because a woman’s worth is no longer attached to how many children she bore, how well she makes breyani or how shiny she cleans the floors. Yet such traditions have still leaked out into the expectations of women when she gets married and she often becomes a victim and treated with prejudiceness for not conforming to such imposed family's ideals and traditions. I was a victim of such prejudiceness, for wanting to be different and follow my heart instead of the sheep. It takes great courage to be true to yourself and fight for inner freedom! It is so important for women to create their own identity and sense of self worth, which is not based on the approval of others. Women need to find their own purpose and meaning in life through exploring their passions and innate talents. A woman should be given more opportunities to follow a career path that adds value to people’s lives. She does not need to waste her potential by being a man's slave and giving up on her happiness or dreams. Women feel inspired by other women who are aspiring towards being the best version of themselves. Support is freely available to women now to improve their lives, compared to previous times. It is no longer taboo to talk about your issues, to ask for help and address marital or family issues through seeking professional assistance. More women know their rights and are standing up against abuse and mistreatment of every kind. They set clear boundaries and are no longer the door mat. They are raising their daughters to be empowered independent thinkers, thus allowing them to be their true selves and pursue careers of their choice.

  • My personal message to all women: It is not impossible and never too late to achieve your dream life. You don’t have to choose between your family and your career life. Find the right balance in your life that will allow you to be flexible in the various roles that you play. Prioritise what is truly important to you and strive to achieve it without feeling guilty that you are doing an injustice to your family. Find your own authentic self without feeling compelled to fit a mould set for you by society. Remember that your family will respect and honour you more when you respect and honour yourself. Put yourself first, be there for your family second and teach them skills to become independent and resilient without you always having to serve them. It is a great privilege and indeed an honour to be a woman and an individual in your own right. Hold your head high, fix your crown and give yourself some of the LOVE and APPRECIATION you so freely give to others. SELF LOVE and SELF WORTH are your greatest super powers because when you love, nurture, value and honour yourself.. Everyone benefits! Be inspired...to become the best version of you!!

- Farah Manjoo

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