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A Comprehensive Personal Development Online Course For Teenagers

Online Course For Teens (Age 13 - 18) Starting in the July Holidays

Why Sign Up Your Teenager For This Online Course?

Here is a Breakdown of the Modules

  • This section is completed within the duration of the school holidays. 
  • Before we commence, we will have a welcome call on Zoom for all teen participants and their parents to attend, where I will explain the guidelines, finer details and days and times of the live sessions. We will also finalise the times and come to an agreement on 2 suitable week days to conduct the live trainings during the school holidays, thus ensuring that it is convenient for all.
  • WEEK 1 & 2 will consist of the first 4 modules, which are done over 4  live training sessions – 2 sessions a week on Zoom, 60 minutes each.
  • PART 1 also includes a workbook with self reflections, journaling questions and step by step self-help empowering tools.
  • As a bonus you will receive an audio recording of a guided visualisation to further rewire and embed the positive shifts.
  • WEEK 3 will be used to complete all homework activities provided for Part 1 of the course.
  • WEEK 4 is for the group coaching call, where you can share what you have learnt and what positive shifts you have noticed so far. We will also have Q & A during this session to help you through anything that was unclear.
  • Please note that all participants will decide on a suitable day and time for the live training sessions and Coaching Call and a vote will be conducted to make it a fair decision.
  • Deconstructing self limiting beliefs and negative behavioural patterns that hinder your teen’s potential, progress and success.
  • Managing their emotions, anxiety and stress effectively to maintain a healthy relationship with self and others.
  • Discovering their self worth and personal identity to learn how to love and respect themselves unconditionally.
  • Building high levels of self confidence and positive self esteem to give off their best and achieve personal and academic progress.  
  • This section is completed within a 4-week period. Since most teens will be at school, we will conduct all sessions on Saturdays, once a week and at a suitable time for all participants to join. 

  • WEEK 6-8 will consist of the remaining 4 modules, one session a week – 60 minutes each.

  • This section also includes its own digital workbook guide which takes you step-by-step through the process of goal achievement in both academic and personal life.

    As a bonus they will receive an audio of a guided visualisation for goal alignment to listen to before commencing with the vision questing and goal mapping activities.

    All homework activities provided for Part 2 of the course can be done in their own time and at their own pace. These activities are fun and easy to do on their own and detailed guidelines will be provided. 

    The Final Group Coaching Call, will take place during the next school holidays (October holidays), thus giving them enough time to complete all activities.

  • I will follow up and touch base with all participants in this group session. They will get to show case their vision boards and share their goals/ visions, what they have achieved so far. They will also get to share their whole experience of the 8-weeks and what they have benefitted the most from the course.

  • We will also have a longer Q & A during this group session to iron out any concerns or queries in mastering your new skills acquired.

  • Discovering what their purpose and unique strengths are, which will inspire them to flourish into their most authentic selves. 
  • Unpacking how to use their personal strengths and insights to make decisions that align with their purpose and future visions.
  • Deconstructing goal setting to manifest the successful results and outcomes they desire.
  • Learning the art of vision questing through creative vision boards and templates, which will help rewire their brain to stay committed and motivated towards achieving their personal vision for the future.

What does the Course consist of?

Benefits of this Online Course for Teens

Magical benefits of this course


"Farah's help and support has ensured success for my daughter and me through many challenges. The various services that I used for my teenager were: Coaching, the Journey, NLP and Brain Gym, which has helped my teen to power through and crush all obstacles in her path to success. My daughter used to have night terrors and now she sleeps well and excels at school, all thanks to Farah.”
Pavitra Ramsunder
Durban, South Africa
"Farah has such a gentle and non invasive way with kids and teenagers. I enrolled both my daughters; the little one for Brain Gym and Kids Coaching and the older one for Teens Coaching. She was able to offer her advice and guidance on both my kids without imposing any of her beliefs. She was completely professional and non judgmental of our lives. I would recommend her to all parents looking to assist their children and teenagers.”
Nissa Badrudin
Umhlanga, South Africa
"Both my teenagers had the privilege and opportunity to work with Farah. Our immediate first impression of her was that she radiates such warmth and positivity. Both my shy kids were beaming following their very first Brain gym sessions. It was like someone finally took the time to understand them. Farah has been nothing but a wealth of great info and advice as both my kids are very different. They have both benefited immensely from their Brain Gym and Teen Coaching sessions. I would personally recommend all her teen services...whether your kids are struggling with school or is just designed to enhance their strengths and confidence which will make their learning process that much more enjoyable."
Ballito, South Africa
"I felt my daughter needed coping mechanisms to deal with so much uncertainty as well as the changes that the teenage years can bring. She blossomed during this time working with Farah. Her confidence levels began to improve, she was able to understand and make decisions as to what was right and wrong for her personal growth. My daughter seems much more balanced and confident than she ever was. She’s motivated and if she’s stressed she’s able to use her coping mechanisms that Farah has instilled in her to help herself. As a mum, Farah has supported me and helped me to also change my approach as a parent. We often spend money on material things for our kids out of guilt. I think as an alternative investment in our kids, let them try out the teen coaching and let Farah work her magic. Thank you Farah for the passion that you always project. I’m so glad that we have started this journey with you."
Pam (a very pleased parent)
KZN, South Africa

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Early Bird Special Payment option: Pay once off and save R300 off the total price. 
Early bird special is valid only till the 16th June.
Early Bird Special & Free Private Session option: Be the first 10 people to sign up and get the early bird special price and a free private session for your teen (worth R950) in addition to the course. (Total saving of R1250)
Available on a first come, first serve basis.
Siblings Special Payment option: Pay for 2 or more teen siblings and get 10% off the total amount. (Total saving of R940)
Payment plan: Pay over a period of 3 months. A 50% deposit of R2349 is required to reserve your teens seat in the course. Thereafter 2 monthly payments of R1174 each can be settled before the course ends. (Contact Farah directly if you are interested in this payment plan)

Payment Via PayPal - $397

Early Bird Payment - R4397


This Online Course will be Presented by Farah Manjoo

“I am a Kids and Teens Empowerment Coach. I help children who are struggling with emotional issues, family adjustments, low self esteem and poor academic performance to gain the confidence and belief in themselves to achieve the level of academic and personal potential that they desire, all while supporting their parents through this parenting journey, so that they can feel empowered to support their children to reach their fullest potential.” – Farah

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