MasterMind Female Empowerment Self Study Online Course

Mastermind Female Empowerment Self Study Online Course

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What does the workbook consist of?

Here is a breakdown of the modules

  • Module 1:  Understanding the nature of your mind
  • Module 2:  The drivers that sabotage your success
  • Module 3:  Shifting limiting beliefs and old paradigms
  • Module 4:  Self knowledge and self mastery
  • Module 5:  Building your self love
  • 6:  Unbreakable self confidence & self belief
  • Module 7:  Self management & rapid self responsibility
  • Module 8:  Creating daily positive habits with consistency
  • Module 9:  Gaining clarity on your goals and turning them into reali

Magical benefits of this course

Magical benefits of this course


After doing the 21 day course, I realised that every tool to becoming the best version of myself was in my hands. All I needed to do was embrace and implement them. Every lesson brought a deeper insight and realization into how I could regain my true authentic self back. I was a people-pleaser and I always gave in to others requests…I am now able to assess the situation and put my needs first before agreeing. This course also made my goals tangible and realistic. I recommend that if you want to reach your full potential and reach new heights in becoming your best self, then this course is for you. You just need to be focused and dedicated to your journey. The power of changing yourself to your best self lies within reach. Just go for it, I am so glad I did!”
South Africa
“Having completed the online course has been the most life changing experience for me. For the past 10 years, I have had chronic insomnia. I would just doze off at anytime of the day and this was very debilitating. The only solution was to live on sleeping tablets permanently and to increase dosage every few months, something I was really not happy about. After the very first module of the Course, I implemented the tips, I slowly began having better quality, longer and restful sleep. This alone has been a HUGE game changer for me….Having completed the course, I have also learnt to be more focused, productive and have a very fulfilled life. Every woman will easily find her purpose and reach her full potential under the guidance and mentorship of Farah Manjoo.”
Shireen Amod
South Africa
“Farah is genuinely a truly inspirational mentor, coach and beautiful soul inside out. Having completed the 21 day course online, it left me feeling relaxed and at peace after every session. Farah has been clear and concise and displays love and passion for all she does with sincerity. During the online sessions I could also feel the transformation happening within myself with her guidance. This course has been a game changer for me and has entered my path at a time I needed it the most. Farah had created a safe and secure space for me to be able to empower myself. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Farah as my coach.”
"I have been going through my own inner journey and I came across Farah, who offered a course that aligned with what I was searching for. After going through the modules and task homework, my mind and heart opened up so much more. I learned new skills that made my life easier and I became happier. Thank you Farah for driving every session with enthusiasm and making sure we see results everyday. Thank you for guiding me through my struggles and challenges in the course. You definitely have powerful skills to empower every heart you touch. I am always in awe of your work and the positive inspiration that you are!"
Nirvana Govender,
South Africa

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