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Potential & Confidence Coaching Programme

Why Sign Up For This one-on-one Programme?

  • This 6 week programme will help you get closer to your dreams as you grow and flourish your potential, learning new tools to bring your goals to completion effortlessly.
  • You will receive weekly mental exercises to do at home, to help assist you in attaining self discovery and self mastery to boost your confidence.
  • Unmask your potential to be the best version of yourself and live a fulfilled life. Learn tools on how to overcome self doubt and gain greater conviction and belief in your self.
  • Potential & Confidence Coaching VIP Programme consists of Transformational Life Coaching one-on-one sessions. These are 6 x 1 hour weekly Coaching Sessions done online or in person.
  • The Potential & Confidence one-on -one VIP Programme will ultimately transform yourself in six sessions!


  • Overcome fears that hold you back in your life and that prevent you from flourishing.
  • Release limiting beliefs and decisions that keep you stuck.
  • Overcome criticism from others with ease.
  • Remove self doubt and second guessing yourself.
  • Embrace your inner and outer beauty.
  • Discover the real you- your true authentic self.
  • Achieve inner transformation and freedom to own your uniqueness.
  • Unlock your shining potential and unmask yourself to the world.
  • Shine bright with confidence and allow the world to meet the best version of you.


“It is amazing how Farah’s coaching sessions can permeate every part of your life. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was in my work and personal life, until I had to explore my emotions and experiences that were holding me back. The change I saw in myself surprises me till this day. What I learnt through the sessions is that we are the only ones that limit ourselves. The moment you believe in yourself and recognize the things that are holding you back, there is no limit to what you are able to achieve. After completing the Potential & Confident Coaching Programme I started valuing and believing in myself and found the confidence and courage to start my own business. This positive change in my life has brought me immense joy. A kind of joy I didn’t know I could ever experience. Thank you so much Farah!”
Cindy Williams
Cape Town (S.A)
"My sessions with Farah were amazing. She is so professional and passionate about what she does. From the moment I walked into Farah’s office I just felt a sense of calm. She helped me deal with all my negative emotions and helped me realize my worth and my purpose in this world. Each time I walked out after a session with her I felt more confident and capable. I am so grateful to have had met her as she inspired me to change my life for the better. I did Farah’s Potential & Confidence Programme and I simply love the new confident me!”
Fathima Joosab
North Beach (S.A)

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Why should you work on your Self Confidence!

  • Command yourself with confidence and be empowered to take action towards your highest visions.
  • When you have self confidence you can achieve anything you desire.
  • Confidence is a magical pill that transforms you in to the best version of you.
  • Confidence is your super power, once you start believing in yourself - Magic happens!
  • Gain unwavering confidence where you feel completely comfortable in your own skin.



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