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Stress-free Parenting Workshop

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Shining Diamond Women Empowerment Workshop

A 3-day POWER PACKED workshop helping women move from unexpressed to true inner freedom!

This online workshop empowers you to unleash your true self, reclaim your personal power and transcend into the next level of your personal growth.

Become the transformation you want to see in your life by embodying the true essence of who you are and blissfully living as an expression of your authentic self.

Building unconditional self love and positive self expression can massively change your personal life and relationships.

You will feel free to shine your inner light and become the best and highest version of you. You will learn secret self mastery tools and techniques on how to polish your inner diamond, discovering what makes you unique to shine even brighter, exuding confidence!

This workshop is for women who desire to step out of their comfort zone and experience greater personal power to stand up and assert themselves with confidence, inner freedom and authentically owning their worth and value!


Dates: 9th – 11th December 2020

How long: 3 consecutive days: 45 minutes – 1 hour sessions each

Where: Zoom and Facebook

Times: To confirm – either 10am or 7:30pm

Please note that replay recordings will be easily accessible to you, if you can’t attend all live sessions.

Materials: Digital Workbook Manual Guide and audios provided

This workshop is only held once a year. Early bookings are encouraged.

Bookings are Open

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Shining Diamond Women Empowerment Workshop

9 - 11 December 2020


Emotional Intelligence & Mental Well-being Workshop

Emotional intelligence is a necessity for one to achieve success in a stressful and competitive world. Learn how to respond to life’s challenges, instead of reacting to them. Whether you are a stay at home mum, a full time career woman or a mix of both, this course will surely equip you with essential skills and tools to balance your life effectively. Master your emotional state and become the driver in your life.

The uniqueness of this workshop is that you will learn how to shift negative emotions within a few minutes and find a sense of inner calm and centeredness.

Workshops are held seasonally only once a year. You will receive notification of the dates in advance. Early bookings are encouraged.

Hosting Soon

Emotional Intelligence & Mental Well-being Workshop

Date to be confirmed

MasterMind Female Empowerment Live course

This 21-day live online course training is designed to empower women to MASTER THE POWER OF THEIR MIND. You will learn how to reprogramme negative behaviours and patterns that have kept you stuck in fear, doubt and self sabotage. You will gain the inner freedom to discover your true authentic self and boost your confidence and self love to the next level.

This is an inner transformational journey of expansion and growth. As you move from victim to self empowered in just 21 days. Achieving self empowerment through personal development and creating positive changes in your life to achieve your goals, are one of the greatest benefits from this course.

This course consists of 9 modules, a free online workbook and access to a Facebook support group for Q AND A session. All 9 module lessons are held on Zoom. You will receive support and guidance from Farah Manjoo for all 21 days of the duration of the course.

This Live MasterMind Course is held Online (via Zoom and Facebook). You will receive notification of the dates and times in advance. Early bookings are encouraged. You are welcome to put your name down prior to the opening of bookings – as a limited number of people are hosted for each of our workshops.

Hosting again next year

MasterMind Female Empowerment live course

Date to be confirmed

MasterMind Self Study Online Course

This Self Study course id for women who are looking for personal development at their own convenience. You may purchase this course online and navigate through it in your own time and in the comfort of your own own. 

There are many benefits to doing an online course like this one over 21 days because you will get to process all the content and experience the transformation with the guidance of the digital workbook, video and audio recordings.

There are 9 Modules and each module has a wealth of knowledge presented by the talented Farah Manjoo. She will provide you with amazing guidelines on how to navigate through the course successfully.

The MasterMind Self Study Online course:

  • It has an in-depth step-by-step self study 50 page digital workbook that will guide you on gaining a deeper connection to yourself and enable you to turn your goals and dreams into a reality.
  • All lesson recordings and content provided in the online workbook are available to use for life, so you can continue to work on developing yourself on a personal level, thus reaching self mastery.
  • Embark on your own journey of expansion and growth into the best version of you, enriched with many empowering skills.
  • You can complete the course successfully from your mobile phone, as it is compatible to all digital devices, including i Pads, laptops etc.


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MasterMind Self Study Online course


Stress - free parenting workshop

This workshop is ideal for mothers seeking guidance on how their parenting approach and disciplining methods work for their child. Various parenting approaches and discipline styles will he taught according to their child’s personality and brain type. Mothers will feel empowered on how to cope with the added responsibility that comes with raising a child. Discussions will be held on how to balance work and family life successfully.

The best lesson that you can gain from this workshop is that you are a super mom and you just need to tap into it.

Workshops are held seasonally only once a year. You will receive notification of the dates in advance. Early bookings are encouraged.

Hosting soon!

Stress - free parenting workshop

Date to be confirmed

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